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Similar Brands: Atarax
Generic Name: Hydroxyzine
Manufacturers: UCB
Package: pills
Dosage: 10/25mg
Shipping: F R E E*

Generic Atarax
Generic Atarax 10/25mg

PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    10mg × 30 $1.25$37.36
    10mg × 60 $0.97$57.94
    10mg × 90 $0.87$78.52
    10mg × 120 $0.77$92.24
    10mg × 180 $0.70$126.54

PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    25mg × 30 $1.36$40.79
    25mg × 60 $1.02$61.37
    25mg × 90 $0.91$81.95
    25mg × 120 $0.83$99.10
    25mg × 180 $0.74$133.40
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Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride tablet

For the purposes of histamine decrease in the organism and the relaxation of axion (CNS) Atarax can be prescribed. In resembling purposes it can be taken in the capacity of a sedative for nervousness and the state of stress. Other therapeutic indications are vomiting and sickness and some of the allergic reactions.

The tablets must be taken with water and oral suspense should be measured before usage; dry and cool storage conditions should be preserved.

Do not tale the medication in case you have allergic response to hydroxyzine. The drug is not recommended if you are in the state of pregnancy or breast-feeding. Problems with liver and kidneys and a history of seizures might be an unfavourable condition for therapy with Atarax. The drug might be unhelpful or even dangerous in case of some illnesses so they are better to be discussed with the physician in advance.

The medicine may have a number of adverse effects either mild or more serious. In order to reduce the risk of their appearance refrain from alcohol for the period of drug administration.

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